This morning Wed 27th June)from about 8am (when I woke) until
about 11am when the smell of burning plastic lessened.At 8am the smell was very strong even inside my house on Kippax St. Looking south from my house towards Withington there was a visible haze in the air.
Is someone,resident or builders, burning plastic waste.? And what can be done to report this.?
I had a recent example of builders disregarding local environmental regulations on 21st June this year when I called the fire brigade to newly renovated properties on the corner of Kippax St and Gt Western St. at 1.20pm builders were burning a plastic bath filled with piles of plastic waste. I was alerted to the fire by billowing black ,acrid smoke. The fire brigade put out the fire within 20 minutes.
Why is it that builders burn rubbish in this area where as they definately wouldn’t in the area where they live. Or builders dumping waste in alleyways after completing jobs in Moss Side and the case of a plasterer washing out his buckets containing plaster which when it set blocked the alley drains.Would they do this if their customers’ property was in Didsbury or Cheadle, I think not.