Channel 4 News, 28th August 2017

Paraic O’Brien’s report on the 2017 Notting Hill Carnival includes good interviews with Mikey Dread and Ras Kayleb (the DJ and MC of Channel One Sound System).

Mikey Dread talks of the parallel of significance between Grenfell Tower and the Twin Towers.

Ras Kayleb identifies a wider significance in terms of the history of housing that seems relevant to Moss Side too.

Paraic O’Brien:  “The men explained that the story of Notting Hill, from the Windrush to the slum clearances to the housing co-operatives, is the story of the struggle for good housing.  Grenfell is the latest dark chapter.”

Ras Kayleb:  “We live in a society that, in reality, does not really look after us.  That is the truth.  Right, and we have to start looking after ourselves.”

Paraic O’Brien:  “So for you, Grenfell represents a political lack of caring.”

Ras Kayleb:  “Yes.  That’s right.”

He explains more.  It’s an interview worth watching: