Updated 7th Sept 2017.

This website has a SSL certificate to show it is secure.

That means what you send to the site, including your password, is encrypted during the transfer.

You will see https:// instead of http:// in the address bar at the top of your browser. The ‘s‘ stands for secure. Most browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.) have recently introduced warnings for webpages that start with http:// not https://.

If you see just http:// on a website, or see a warning, you should not enter credit card details or other confidential information. More information.

On this website you are NOT asked to enter credit card details, or any confidential information.

Nevertheless we have made it officially secure because Google and others are encouraging all websites to go that way.  It also has some of the most highly recommended security in the background to protect it.   That is important for us all, so we have taken care.

As always, we still strongly advise you NOT to use the same password as you use for something else.  Make it unique.

All posts to this site have to be reviewed before being published.   As always, back up your post on your computer, and keep your photos, so you have an original copy.

So don’t just sit there!  Register with a unique password, and get started posting about things that you care about and which others would be interested to hear about, i.e.:

News, local or national, and forthcoming events, relevant to Moss Siders that we may otherwise miss.

Celebration: Recent community events + achievements, however small, that create contact between people, and bring pride and quality of life to Moss Side.

Action:  Ongoing actions to protect and improve our quality of life, community, environment and governance in Moss Side, including action for the wellbeing of ourselves and others, and action for protest and change.

Thank you.