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A space for sharing news, local or national, and forthcoming events, relevant to Moss Siders that we may otherwise miss..   Anyone can post.



A space for sharing recent community events + achievements, however small, that create contact between people, and bring pride and quality of life to Moss Side.
Anyone can post.

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A space for announcing and sharing actions to protect and improve our quality of life, community, environment and governance in Moss Side, including action for the wellbeing of ourselves and others, and action for protest and change.
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Speakers' Corner

A space for thoughts, ideas, comment, argument, public speaking on any topic relevant to Moss Siders, on audio or video, or images and text.
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About this website

Together can change the media story, by showing what is ordinary and great about everyday life in Moss Side, Manchester.

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A website for

– sharing events + achievements, that create contact between people, and bring pride and quality of life to Moss Side;

– announcing actions to protect and improve our quality of life in Moss Side, including protest and change.

Anyone can post.

The site includes the evidence of Manchester’s 2017 Ward Boundary scandal – that Manchester City Council leaders breached the statutory requirement in England to include residents groups on a “comprehensive” notification list before changing the ward boundaries across Manchester. MCC then stripped Moss Side of Whitworth Park, The Whitworth Gallery, the Moss Side Allotments, and south Manchester’s prime development land.