Friends of Whitworth park are a community group with a constitution.

Their aims are:


Friends of Whitworth Park aims to:

1- create a secure environment in which everyone can enjoy the benefits of the Park facilities, including the Whitworth art Gallery. This to be achieved through liaison with the police, the council and any other relevant bodies;

2- enable and encourage formal and informal activities for all park users:

3-work in partnership with Manchester City Council Leisure Department and (whilst recognising that the ultimate responsibility for funding lies with the Council) other funding sources to secure an adequate level of resources to meet local needs; to operate as a pressure group upon the local authority, funding agencies and other government agencies to meet the aims/objectives of the Park’s strategic plan; ensure that all developments, activities and uses of the Park are carried out in such a away as to encourage and promote quality environmental sensitivity and long term sustainability;

4-encourage and promote good environmental practice;

5-respect the original aims and historical infrastructure of the Park but seek to update it to make it relevant to contemporary life in a multi-cultural city.

The group’s committee meet monthly to discuss park matters.  There are also monthly volunteer sessions in the park to improve the appearance of the park with litter-picks and gardening work in the award winning centre circle garden.

The group is seeking new members to help it achieve its aims.

Head over to its facebook page for updates on activities.

This week the group removed several sacks full of rubbish from the park, particularly from hard to reach areas in the undergrowth….