A Batwalk?!

Every year the Friends of Platt Fields join up with the South Lancs Bat Group to organise a late- summer  evening round the lake in Platt Fields park.

It’s a real family event.  First people talk a little bit about bats, what they eat, where they live, the fact that 5 different types of bats come to Platt Fields – and they often have a small bat to show children.

Then everyone goes outside round the lake with a “batometer“, which is a special little electronic box with a dial on it to help us hear the bats.

Bats ‘cries’ are so high that human ears cannot hear them, so the batometer helps bring their sounds down to a level where we can.  You can move the dial round to different ‘frequencies’ – each type of bat uses a different frequency – and so you can hear when different types of bat are calling each other to tell them where the best mosquitoes are!

If there are lots of people there, we do need to share batometers between three or four people – and some real keen attenders bring their own.

Its wonderful watching people wandering round the lake listening to different bat noises and recognising the different ones.

Join us – this Saturday 9th September, 6-8.30pm. Free!