This is a video made in Staffordshire and Shropshire, to inspire neighbours and communities to share experience of energy use and energy saving.  Could it inspire us here in Moss Side?

The story – discussing energy

When Keele University and the Marches Energy Agency investigated community knowledge about domestic energy saving and energy efficiency, they found that the discussion groups themselves were something that people wanted and needed.

The discussions showed the gap between the very general independent information currently available online, and the level of detail that people actually need to make wise decisions in their own houses. That gap is currently filled only by companies aiming to sell their own products. There is nothing at community level to help people identify what may be useful, or to share their own practical experience with others in similar houses and circumstances. The film offers practical ways to make it happen.

In a nutshell

This public documentary shows people being inspired to take action on household energy efficiency as a result of (a) sharing ideas and experience with others they trust, (b) investigating their own electricity use with a monitor, and (c) engaging in dialogue with experts with new knowledge and confidence.

The interviewees counter the UK policy assumptions that (i) people are not interested in energy efficiency, and (ii) that energy companies and installers offer the best means of enabling change.  They illustrate the benefits of exchanging ideas and experience on energy within communities and offer practical advice on making it happen.

There is a further documentary for institutions and policy-makers, Engaging communities on energy efficiency, based on interviews with the research team.

(Interviews, distillation and video production by  Commissioned by Keele University as part of the ESRC and EPSRC funded project: Reducing Energy Consumption through Community Knowledge Networks (RECCKN). The research was carried out in 2011-13 by Keele University and the Marches Energy Agency.)