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About “We are Moss Side”

This is a site to enable all of us who live and work in Moss Side to change what we see and read when we search for anything about Moss Side online.

It’s an opportunity for us to share with each other and with others elsewhere, what is ordinary and great about everyday life in Moss Side, Manchester.

Right now we’re also challenging Manchester City Councils’ plans, by showing the whole country that MCC broke the rules to change the ward boundaries across Manchester, and strip Moss Side of its beautiful Whitworth Park and Art Gallery.

So please don’t be silent. Write, photo, film, share, celebrate, take action, publicise.

The only limitation is that for good sense and everyone’s safety, a helpful volunteer will approve each post first, so there may be a short time-delay.

Who created the site?

The website is a result of discussions by 3 community groups from both ends of Moss Side: Upping It, The Social Power Cafe, and Platt Claremont Residents Association.  All three are community groups in the traditional sense: inclusive, not party-political, not religious, not profit-making, just trying to support the community and neighbourhoods of Moss Side.

We live and work in Moss Side, and love the area and sense of community.  We want to celebrate the good things about our neighbourhoods, constructively take action to stand up for them, and exchange ideas and invite others to take part.  The site did not initially ask for any funding, and so far it has not received any.  All work into setting it up has been voluntary.  So please make use of the site and contribute to it: it is here for all Moss Siders.

Contact: To get in touch, simply email the person or group’s name  @WeAreMossSide.org.uk

Why say “We are Moss Side”?

  1. Because it is what we need to say when we celebrate all that is brilliant about living in Moss Side in Manchester, and what is brilliant about the people who live here.  When something good is happening, write a post to say with pride: “Yes. We are Moss Side“.
  2. Because it is also what we need to say when lazy journalists and naive people outside of Moss Side believe that Moss Side is just a story they read years ago – a story that’s 36 years old.  Real life isn’t an easy media stereotype.  So in this community, people want to say to those stories “No. We are Moss Side.  When you talk about Moss Side you are talking about us, our community and our home.  That easy story is wrong”.

If you are part of one of the community groups, you can also loan the banner – see below.

The idea for the site

The idea for the site initially developed after a meeting at the Hideaway Youth Project with a Guardian journalist: her article had shown that even the Guardian could not see Moss Side beyond a story 36 years old.

Then it became clear that our own Manchester City Council has proposed to strip Moss Side of its beautiful Whitworth Park, its £15m funded Art Gallery, and the prime development land, having first removed all residents groups from the “comprehensive mailing list” of those to be notified of the consultation.

When the supposedly diversity-friendly part of the media, and our own Council which talks about consultation and empowerment, both act in this way, it’s time for Moss Siders to stand up for their community and neighbourhood.  This website is therefore political in the best sense, of debate and action to defend democracy, community, and the livelihoods of ordinary people.

The focus

The focus of the site will inevitably vary over time in response to the posts.

The Action and News sections of the site are currently dominated by the ward boundary changes as a result of the Council’s actions: the authors are among those who call for MCC’s proposals for Manchester to be rejected by Parliament, and the Boundary Review conducted properly.  For those who believe in democracy, the revelations of what MCC has done are astonishing.

If like us, you want to see more of other things on the site too, then please post.

Loan the banner

The ‘We are Moss Side‘ banner is available for loan by any of the community groups and community organisations listed.

So contact your local group, and if your group is not listed, then add it!  (There will be a time delay in listing your group, so don’t leave it until you need the banner.)

The banner is 3.6m long x 0.6m high.  It has metal eyelets, and comes with bungee cords to tie to railings.

Moss Side banner held
Loan:  The banner is available for loan to local community groups for £5 (five pounds) per day (up to 24 hours).  Further days at half rate.

The £5 loan charges will go towards the cost of purchasing this banner and future banners for the use of the Moss Side community.

Deposit:  The banner and fixings cost £60, so we ask for a £25 (twenty five pounds) deposit in cash, returned to you in full if the banner is returned clean, undamaged and on time, with all the bungees.

Terms:  You are responsible for collecting it, and for returning it clean, dry, undamaged and on time.  It must be rolled not folded.  In the event of a disagreement on its condition, our decision will be final.

Request to loan the banner

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